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Goldenberg Consulting Group, Inc. provides Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services to CPAs and CPA firms, Exclusively and Nationally. Cheryl Goldenberg understands this is the very most important decision a CPA or Managing Partner of a CPA firm, together with his Partners, will make in their careers. The company’s services are designed to maximize the value of your most important intangible asset, the CPA practice itself. Targeted opportunities are provided through appropriate introductions, after a careful analysis of:

– your firm culture,
– partner personalities, niches and services,
– and geography.

It is important to the economics of the transaction to assure the cultures of the merging firms are compatible. The partner personalities involved must produce a “harmonious marriage.” An affiliation can be psychologically made at a first meeting, or easily fall apart depending on chemistry and emotion. Our unique strength is getting ‘the people component’ right the first time, to create a successful and profitable affiliation for the future of the combined firm. A bond is quickly formed and Cheryl becomes a Team Member to advocate “for the deal” so there is a Win Win for both sides.

Goldenberg Consulting Group counsels on proper timing, structure and implementation strategies and presents crucial elements that all CPA firms and partners must consider as their careers progress. Making the correct professional choices for both young and maturing CPAs is the cornerstone to prosperity and professional success. This is a specialty that Cheryl Goldenberg has shared personally with over 350 CPA firms providing affiliation solutions.

In addition to M&A, Cheryl Goldenberg serves as a Concierge Coach for CPAs interested in taking their careers to the next level. As a result of retiring CPAs, there is a tremendous need for good talent in the CPA community at every level. Goldenberg Consulting Group counsels CPAs on how to better present themselves regarding skill set and business development so that CPAs are in a better position to capture these plum opportunities. Cheryl provides appropriate introductions that are helpful to CPA firm clients and CPA candidates.

Goldenberg Consulting Group provides Strategic Talent Acquisition for all CPA firm clients, at all levels, for all services and industry niches. Cheryl also regularly introduces new business, service providers, and other meaningful networking relationships to her clients.  

Through M&A and through Talent Acquisition, Goldenberg Consulting Group looks forward to growing your CPA firm.

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