3 ways your talent can attract growing CPA firms

{2:50 minutes to read} There is a tremendous lack of talent in the CPA community. Because of my relationships with Managing Partners, I’m often asked to identify talent for Regional CPA firms across the country. Currently there are many opportunities for strong, entrepreneurial CPAs from Manager to Practice Leader.

Cheryl Goldenberg | 3 ways your talent can attract growing CPA firmsThere are 3 things that such firms will find especially attractive when bringing you on as part of their CPA firm:

  1. Niche – If you have focused your practice on a niche, such as forensics, international tax, hedge funds, or alternative investments, etc., your expertise in a specialized area will increase your value to the merging firm.
  1. Local Knowledge – Understanding local nuances is important for success, from understanding staff needs, local laws, client base, to other community issues. For example, when a firm in Los Angeles wants to expand to New York, they are better off seeking a Practice Leader with local knowledge.

Let us assume your practice is in Manhattan. The expanding firm may be based in Los Angeles. They don’t know New York, but you do. Your knowledge of the locale will be a great asset to them.

  1. Vibrancy, Passion & Longevity – Firms are looking for CPAs who are creative in developing new business. And those loyal & committed to the vision and growth of the firm.

Peer Review

Government regulation continues to increase & to be more strictly enforced. For example, it is now a requirement that all CPA firms are registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). Peer review has become an integral part of regulation enforcement. As such, skilled & experienced individuals are in high demand to fulfill this need.


Goldenberg Consulting Group can dramatically change the course of a CPA’s career. One of the services that is provided is assisting CPAs in preparing to market themselves to CPA firms. Unfortunately, having a technical skillset is not always enough. The “whole package” is equally important, including your niche, local knowledge, and interpersonal skills.
What are you doing to focus your career in order to be more marketable in the CPA community? How are you developing your people skills beyond accounting? Goldenberg Consulting Group can help you answer these and other advancement questions.

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