Merger Candidates

There are many benefits to merging your practice into a larger firm:

1)     Provide for greater income potential

2)     Enjoy greater quality of life (e.g., eliminating admin functions)

3)     Provide for continuity & succession

4)     Retain & gain larger clients who may out-grow small practices

5)     Attract & utilize higher-level professional talent

6)     Concentrate on billable work & cross-market new services,

7)     Minimize obligations of peer review and quality control,

8)     Eliminate & shift liability & lease obligations,

9)     Potentially retain your current location, while maintaining managing partner status.

Cheryl Goldenberg is uniquely qualified to identify specific opportunities tailored to the needs and personalities of the parties involved. She performs her services in a timely and personalized manner, consistently providing progress reports to clients.


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