Douglas A. Phillips, Managing Partner WeiserMazars LLP:
Cheryl Goldenberg has rapidly become a key player in our external growth strategy. Her knowledge of our marketplace, the firms and their people, make her an invaluable resource.  The combination of her passion for doing the right thing and her relentless pursuit of the right combination, make her an ideal partner in this era of amalgamation in our profession.”

Lou Biscotti, (former Managing Partner of Biscotti Toback & Co. LLP), Partner/National Director of Food & Beverage, WeiserMazars LLP
NOTE: CGC orchestrated merger of Biscotti Toback with WeiserMazars 
“Cheryl’s combination of tenacity, pleasantness and positive attitude makes her truly unique.  She cares about her clients on both sides of a transaction and takes the time to get to know everyone’s concerns and issues.  She has a high level of activity, is very knowledgeable of the CPA marketplace and has developed many contacts.  I would recommend her highly to anyone contemplating a transaction in the public accounting arena.”

Joel Cooperman, Managing Partner Citrin Cooperman & Company LLP:
“I enjoy working with Cheryl Goldenberg as she is very wired into the CPA firm community and she has the unique ability to quickly get to the heart of the issues. She is very results oriented and works extremely hard for her clients

Louis Grassi, Managing Partner Grassi & Co CPAs PC:
“I have known and worked with Cheryl Goldenberg for many years. I consider her both a friend and a valuable resource to our Firm. She is totally tuned into the CPA community, and consequently knows which firms belong together. She just doesn’t send out flyers, she directs each candidate to a few firms where they will fit. She possesses a unique ability to get to the heart of the deal issues and once identified, brings about an equitable resolution in a timely and effective manner.”

Ira Rubenstein, Managing Principal of the New York Region of MBAF-ERE CPAS LLC:
“Cheryl Goldenberg has personal relationships with most of the N.Y. Metro Area Managing Partners and has the ability to get everyone to the discussion table. We have developed a very close working relationship and she has been able to introduce opportunities that make sense because of her knowledge of our corporate culture, attention to every aspect and her constant follow up. As a result of Cheryl’s persistence, we have been able to substantially grow our firm through Mergers & Acquisitions.”

Robert J. Ciaruffoli, CEO Baker Tilly VK LLP:
“Cheryl Goldenberg works tirelessly on behalf of her clients to find the right fit. She works with a sense of urgency and is not afraid to tell you when something doesn’t make sense. Cheryl will not waste your time with every deal that crosses her desk, but rather presents only those deals that meet your criteria. We consider Cheryl a valued part of our team.”

Michael Ferber, Managing Partner Wagner Ferber Fine & Ackerman PLLC:
“Cheryl is a tireless worker who does all she can for her clients. She has a tremendous ability in putting firms together and focuses on finding the right fit. For BOTH sides of every transaction she is engaged on. It is our pleasure to work with her!”


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